Rikako Oryou from Psycho Pass, cause pretty psychotic bb and also was trying new brushes in sai. 


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  • Riza Hawkeye (Fullmetal Alchemist)

"I believed in you, I trusted you with my father’s research, and I applied to the military academy because I hoped to help other people. The way things turned out… it’s not what I wanted, but there’s no escaping the truth. I can never atone for the suffering I’ve caused. i have a favor to ask, Mustang. Please, burn this off… deface my back. At least… I may not ever be able to atone but at least I can destroy the secrets on my back. There can be no more flame alchemists."

oh my god who fucking cares

anyone who’s been on this site longer than 5 minutes (via fuck-benedict)


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i didn’t know bi means raIn in korean

so i’ve literally been calling bi rain,  rain rain the enitre time im


Double Exposured Faces Blended Into Plumes of Ink in Water by Chris Slabber



There is still much more to come in Book 3! Click here to watch the exclusive trailer that premiered at San Diego Comic-Con this week!

Psst. Who else loves that Korra Nation shoutout?!

If you are wondering when Team Avatar had their mugshots taken, think back: each one of them has been arrested at one point—sometimes at two points! We tried to make sure they had the right outfits on to match those events.


Top 5 sex positions

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